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Many people in Japan believe that the Gundam building also keeps a close eye on those ‘satellites’ launched out of North Korea, ready to leap up and catch them in its big red mouth as if they were frisbees. Interesting imagination eh?

And what’s it for? The Gundam building houses the Aoyama Technical College for aspiring architects- so the form is quite fitting and relevant in a country where they train architects to build things that are mad. For that reason, Makoto Sei Watanabe built it in 1990 as a vision of what he saw as the future of urban architecture. This can be their touchstone.

Source: Michael John Grist

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Gundam Apps for iPhone Introduced at Tokyo Game Show http://www.japanitor.com/2010/09/gundam-apps-for-iphone-introduced-at-tokyo-game-show/ http://www.japanitor.com/2010/09/gundam-apps-for-iphone-introduced-at-tokyo-game-show/#comments Sat, 18 Sep 2010 05:36:10 +0000 Geeky Administrator http://www.japanitor.com/?p=19 The video gaming convention Tokyo Game Show opened on Thursday, and Bandai Namco Games is demonstrating three Gundam-themed apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices. The AppBank website posted videos of its hands-on experience with the three apps and other software at the show. Credit to Animenewsnetwork for highlighting the news to us.

Two of the Gundam apps are games. Gundam Fighting Spirits (tentative title) is a 2D fighting game with the anime franchise’s mobile suits facing each other. Players can fight each other over a wireless Bluetooth connection. An earlier version of the game has been available for other mobile phones in Japan. SD Gundam G Generation Touch (tentative title) is a port of the SD Gundam G Generation tactical simulation game franchise from traditional game consoles. This game series recreates and expands upon the storylines of the anime franchise and allows players to use over 100 mobile suits in turn-based tactics.

The third set of apps is tentatively titled NDAM Tool Box (Gundam Tool Box -RX-78-2 Cockpit ver.- and Gundam Tool Box -RX-78-2 simple icons ver.-). The apps offer alternate ways to access eight common features such as email and phone in a Gundam-theme environment.

The three featured apps will come out in Japan in Winter, but an overseas release has not been announced.

Gundam Fighting Spirits iPhone

SD Gundam G Generation Touch

NDAM Tool Box Series

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