Anime Hideouts

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New Doraemon Movie 2012 Trailer Video Screenshots and Pictures

If any of you have followed my articles over at Tomopop, you probably know what a huge Doraemon fan I am. I pretty much worship any of Fujiko Fujio's creations. Any fel

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Geeky Games

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Power Rangers Go Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG)

Do you remember watching the very first Power Rangers series on TV when you were just a kid, and having your mind melt into a puddle of awesomeness every week. Fond mem

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Japan Movies

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The Glorious Team Batista 2008 Movie Reviews

The Glorious Team Batista offers fans of heart surgery a front-row seat for plenty of open chest cavity action. Non-fans or the squeamish will have to fight the urge to

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Latest Manga

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Read One Piece Chapter 608 Online All in One Page

This week one piece manga chapter 608 is entitled, “Paradise Under The Sea“. In this one piece manga chapter, the straw hat crews managed to enter the Fisherman Isl

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Wallpapers For Fans

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Ichigo New Fullbring Large Wallpapers

What is fullbring? Fullbring is a special ability which certain Humans are born with, in which they can manipulate the "soul" of matter for a variety of effects. Fullbr

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Weird News

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World Oldest Woman Judo Master, Named Keiko Fukuda from Japan

Keiko Fukuda, 98, has unashamedly devoted her life to Judo. The San Francisco-based 'little, bitty woman' is the first female - and one of only four living judo masters

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