Japan Kills 400K Bird-Flu Chicken

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JAPAN will cull around 410,000 chickens at a major poultry farm to tackle an outbreak of bird flu. The decision came after about 20 chickens were found dead Sunday morning at the farm in western Miyazaki prefecture. Authorities decided to slaughter all the birds kept in the complex to prevent a wider outbreak, a farm ministry official said.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan (L) delivers a speech during a task force team meeting to introduce necessary measures to contain the bird flu outbreak at his official residence in Tokyo / AFP

The complex is located just a few miles from another farm, where the slaughter of around 10,000 chickens was already underway. Prime Minister Naoto Kan set up a task force Saturday to contain the bird flu outbreak, officials said. It was the prefecture’s first bird flu outbreak since 2007. In Miyazaki, which is 560 miles southwest of Tokyo, a foot-and-mouth outbreak during the past year forced the slaughter of almost 300,000 farm animals.

A chicken with bird-flu is like suicide bomber (Photo: Neatorama)

Oh my god. Poor chicken…

Source: AU News


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