Naruto Live Action Movie Coming Soon

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Hot off the news of the Code Geass live-action film, we get another adaption from anime coming in. After the explosion of success that was Dragonball: Evolution, Viz Media has decided to bring another popular anime series to the silver screen: the ever-popular Naruto. Can you believe this? However, this time they felt it would be necessary to have an American cast, due to viewer complaints about Dragonball’s “terrible” dialog. It seems there was a little bit of a culture barrier between the Asian actors and the American audiences.

Most likely Naruto Live Action will be fulled with American actors

Since the plot line and character development devised by the writers was pure cinematic gold, the producers knew that choosing the right actors would be key. The Naruto live action movie will star American actor Shia LaBeouf as Naruto (uh oh the most annoying actor?), whose presence should draw out some of the female spectators as well (yes yes hope so).

Could it be Jo Odagiri instead of LaBeouf?

“LaBeouf has a lot to offer us as an actor in our movie and is perfect for the part of Naruto,” commented an anonymous employee from Viz Media. “This is going to be a more modern, teen date-type of movie. We’re hoping young women will see his name on the movie and go ‘Wow, Shia LaBeouf? I don’t know what Naruto is, but that guy is hot!’”

Shia LaBeouf is the most popular teen actor at the moment

No word as to the supporting cast or release date at this time. It is because…….IT IS A JOKE! HAHAHAHA GOTCHA! However, it could be someday since the one that made this joke is Viz Media itself…who knows that it is actually a real thing…

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